Plant and Tree Health Care, Clean Cut Tree Service

Plant Health Care

Wisconsin, Indiana, and Illinois homeowners with questions about the health of their trees can rely on Clean Cut Tree Service’s certified arborist. As beautiful as they may be, trees can be living with diseases that have gone unnoticed. Tree roots are embedded in the soil for a lengthy distance from their base, making them susceptible to anything that shares the soil with them, including your lawn and nearby shrubbery. Plant Health Care is the holistic and proactive approach to maintaining the appearance and safety of trees, using environmentally safe practices.

Our certified arborists at Clean Cut Tree Services offer three plant health care programs custom-tailored to your home’s landscaping needs.

  • Deep Root Fertilization
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Disease Control

We will inspect your trees and shrubs for any possible signs of insect infestation, tree disease, environmental stresses, weak branches, and poor pruning practices. Clean Cut Tree Service specializes in the treatment of Emerald Ash Borer Disease (EAB). If your ash trees are suffering from ash-borer infestation, Clean Cut can evaluate whether each of your trees is salvageable and treat the infestation to halt damage and prevent the spread. The goal of plant health care is to ensure that your trees live a long, vibrant and healthy life.