At Clean Cut Tree Service, we’re committed to 100% recycling of all trees cleared in our tree clearing and development projects. That means Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin residents benefit with affordable, premium quality mulch delivery. Tree clearing is the harvesting of one of nature’s most valuable renewable resources, so we treat each and every tree we touch as an important asset to both our environment and to our customers’ lives.

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Recycling of All Trees

Premium Grade Wood Mulch

Premium Grade Wood Mulch

    Clean Cut Tree Service premium grade wood mulch is an affordable alternative to bark mulch. Premium grade wood mulch is the perfect ground cover for moisture retention and weed suppression over a large landscaped area.
Aged Ground Mulch and Aged Shredded Mulch

Shredded Aged Mulch

Clean Cut’s shredded and ground aged wood mulch works best for flower beds and plant-rich landscaped areas. The aging process removes unwanted biochemical inherent in newer wood chips that can deprive your plants of valuable nutrients. Aged mulch will give a beautiful look to your landscape and give your plants and flowers the best chance to grow and thrive.

Playground Chips

Certified Playground Chips

Clean Cut’s certified playground chips are cut to a uniform size and texture perfect for playground areas. The chips provide a soft, springy cushion to minimize the impact of falls while firm enough for safe foot traffic and wheelchairs. These chips are certified for schools, playgrounds and parks.

Mulch, Color-Enhanced, Red and Brown

Color Enhanced – Red and Brown

Add some curb appeal while keeping out the weeds! Clean Cut Tree Service now offers NEW color-enhanced mulch. Use this new mulch around borders, trees or flowerbeds to add a dramatic finishing touch to your landscaping. Using environmentally-safe colorants, our color-enhanced mulch will maintain its vibrant colors throughout the entire season. Available in both red and dark brown colors.