Commercial Tree Services, Environmental Restoration

“From our initial consultation to the in-the-field execution, you and your team exhibited remarkable and commendable sensitivity to the nuances of operating within delicate natural habitats…”

Robert J. KirschnerDirector of Restoration, Chicago Botanic Gardens

Environmental Restoration

Is it important to you to find a commercial tree service who is environmentally conscious? Clean Cut Tree Service is committed to being an eco-friendly tree service company. We care about the environment we serve, which is why we recycle 100% of the wood product that we clear at each jobsite. In the event that tree removal is needed to help preserve the eco-system, we have the capabilities to preserve and then later replant healthy trees.

At Clean Cut, we respect the land, wildlife and trees we serve. We are dedicated to protecting our environment and keeping our wildlife and land safe. We will modify our work practices whenever feasible to reduce and prevent the needless harm of any species we come in contact with while on a jobsite.

To ensure that your trees will be healthy and full of life, we have an ISA Certified Arborist on staff that will offer assistance in making cost-effective and environmentally responsible decisions about your trees and landscaping needs. Oftentimes, there are instances when extra attention is required for the trees on your property. Disease and insect infestation can harm and destroy the health and appearance of your trees and/or nearby trees without proper intervention from our arborist. We will gladly come out and take a look at any trees in question, offering advice on how to proceed.