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Clearing trees. Caring for trees. These are not mutually exclusive endeavors. Clean Cut Tree Service specializes in tree clearing, land clearing, stump removal, firewood delivery and a host of tree care and land clearing services for our commercial, municipal, and residential customers in Illinois, Wisconsin, and Indiana. But we don’t just serve our customers—we serve our environment as well.

Our customers, and our world, demand a balanced combination of power, care, and expertise. Land clearing and tree clearing projects are as much about what is left when the project is done as what is removed. With Clean Cut, you’ll receive expert analysis on how to best clear the area, along with developing a plan for preserving the beauty and integrity of the neighboring land and trees, even for relocating trees in some instances. It takes advanced equipment, a wealth of experience, and a commitment to caring for the condition of the land — that’s what Clean Cut brings to every project.

Plant Health Care

How healthy are your trees? Have you noticed discolored leaves? Flaky, decaying bark? Your tree might be infected with insects or a tree disease that has gone unnoticed. The certified arborists at Clean Cut Tree Service will work with you to determine the right Plant Health Care Program that will best suit your individual landscaping needs. Keeping your trees healthy and vibrant is always our priority.

The Clean Cut service repertoire includes:

Land Clearing

Clean Cut has cleared and excavated thousands of acres of land on hundreds of projects at all levels of complexity and scale. We bring the same level of expertise and care to every job, whether it’s one acre or one hundred acres. We care for each project as if we were inheriting the end result for our own team and our own community. When we’re done, you’re ready to move forward with the next step in the process, not a new problem you never saw coming. Every member of the Clean Cut Tree Service staff is highly trained and happy to serve, so our customers are left happy with outstanding results—every time.

Tree and Stump Removal

Clean Cut Tree Service execute complete tree and stump removal for residential, commercial, and municipal clients, and we do that with the entire community and environment in mind. With a certified ISA arborist on every project, we ensure care and an unmatched expertise on every job. And with state-of-the-art equipment that is second to none, we bring the power and sheer force necessary to get the job done right with no hiccups. Our specialty equipment and tree climbing crews can access any job, no matter how complex.

Tree Trimming

How high do your trees stretch? Clean Cut Tree Service trimming crews have yet to find a tree we couldn’t reach, as our lifts can take us up to 80 feet in the air. Our professional tree climbers can also nimbly navigate to the hardest-to-reach areas. It’s all about know-how, power, and precise execution. Our teams pride themselves on operating safely, effectively, and expertly to preserve the beauty of trees amid the practical demands of reality.

Storm Cleanup

Mother Nature isn’t always so careful about her own tree removal projects, but after the storm, Clean Cut Tree Service will be there to help. Whether it’s a residential, commercial, or municipal area, Clean Cut can remove or restore trees when storm damage takes its toll. We can also assess the health and safety of your trees to identify problems and precautions that are more difficult to detect with the naked eye. When storm damage hits, Clean Cut’s storm cleanup teams can bring the natural beauty and safety back to your trees.

Clean Cut Tree Service also specializes in:

Insect and Disease Control

Insect and Disease Control

Land development changes the game for the surrounding land and trees. Construction projects that leave many trees untouched by any blade can still expose those trees to entirely new threats, such as disease and insect infestation. That’s why it’s vital that any tree and land clearing include an analysis by one of our certified arborists. Clean Cut’s experts evaluate every job to identify threats, diagnose existing attacks, and prescribe a begin-to-end plan to preserve and restore tree health during and after the construction process.

Cable and BracingCable and Bracing

Sometimes the tree itself is unable to stand up to the rigors of time and development. Clean Cut Tree Service can recommend and implement a plan to employ cables and bracing to add strength to at-risk trees. Our experts in tree removal are the best in the business at preserving trees as long, and as beautifully, as possible.

Pre and Post Construction Consultation Pre and Post Construction Consultation

Before you start digging, it’s important to know what problems and challenges you’re about to uncover. Clean Cut’s certified arborists give you quick insight into the existing dangers and potential pitfalls of a construction project by analyzing the health and condition of your trees, the scope of your construction project, and the needs of the property being developed. Clean Cut can help formulate a plan for construction with a pre-construction consultation as well as a roadmap for maintenance, restoration, and future concerns with a post-construction consultation.

Environmental Restoration and Maintenance Environmental Restoration and Maintenance

There are some trees you just don’t want to lose. Whether you’re a home owner, home builder, forest preserve or municipality, mature but malnourished trees pose a unique blend of benefits and challenges. You simply can’t replace a 50-year-old tree, much less an entire mature wooded area. When one tree or many trees are dying, the most cost effective, beneficial solution is not to replace the trees, but to restore them instead.

Clean Cut Tree Service conduct environmental restoration plans by identifying the species of vegetation that are robbing mature trees of essential nutrients. We cut away species such as buckthorn, rose bushes, and honeysuckle, then our licensed Department of Agriculture applicator treats the remaining stumps with an herbicide mixture to prevent regrowth of the invasive plants. Clean Cut will devise a maintenance plan for ensuring that your valuable, beautifully mature trees can thrive in the newly restored environment.

Firewood and Firewood DeliveryFirewood and Firewood Delivery

At Clean Cut Tree Service, we never look at tree clearing as the removal of unwanted trees. Tree clearing is the harvesting of one of nature’s most valuable renewable resources. Firewood has always been an excellent, affordable energy source and an acting alternative to gas and electric heat.

Clean Cut turns cleared trees into premium quality firewood, and we’ll deliver all the firewood you need straight to your door. Contact us to begin taking advantage of the Clean Cut firewood delivery service today and avoid the upcharges and hassles of retail firewood.

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