Tree Clearing with power, precision, and personal care. We are the stewards of the Earth.

When you close your eyes, you see a new building surrounded by beautiful landscape, developed infrastructure and healthy, mature trees… but what you see when you open your eyes is another story. Clean Cut Tree Service can help make those two images one and the same. Clean Cut will clear trees and stumps to give you the clean, level, and secure site you need to begin construction, big or small.

Clean Cut’s services also include tree trimming, pre-and post-construction consultation, storm cleanup, and mulch and firewood delivery for commercial, municipal, and residential customers.

Download the Clean Cut Tree Service Brochure (PDF)

You can rely on Clean Cut Tree Service for these benefits and so much more:

  • A dig-ready construction site that meets your timeline and budget—Clean Cut Tree Service meets every deadline and follows through on every commitment.
  • Tree clearing where you want it; tree preservation where you need it.
  • Cutting edge forestry equipment for optimal effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Experts at every position, from tree climbers to customer service reps to consultants.
  • A smooth, hassle-free process with clear communication and personal care.
  • 100% accuracy and the highest safety standards in the tree-clearing industry.
  • Owner/Operator involvement on every job, large or small.
  • Consistently fair pricing aimed at minimizing your overall expenses—a competitive quote for an excellent service means no unforeseen troubleshooting costs down the road.
Serving You Since 1988

Clean Cut Tree Service has been meeting the tree clearing, land clearing, and tree care needs of Lake County, Northern Illinois, Northwest Indiana and Southern Wisconsin since 1988. Call or email us today for a free no-obligation consultation on all of your tree service needs—tree clearing, land clearing, tree trimming, storm cleanup, tree restoration, mulch, firewood or any specialized tree needs you may have. Clean Cut Tree Service has the power and expertise to handle any job and the personal care to do it all to your satisfaction. Customers across Northern Illinois, Northwest Indiana, and Southern Wisconsin agree—our quality of work, esteemed reputation, unmatched credentials and competitive pricing make Clean Cut Tree Service the clear-cut choice.

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