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Firewood and Firewood Delivery

Firewood and Firewood DeliveryAt Clean Cut Tree Service, we never look at tree clearing as the removal of unwanted trees – tree clearing is the harvesting of one of nature’s most valuable renewable resources. Firewood has always been an excellent, affordable energy source and an acting alternative to gas and electric heat.

Clean Cut turns cleared trees into premium quality firewood, and we’ll deliver all the firewood you need straight to your door. Contact us to begin taking advantage of the Clean Cut firewood delivery service today and avoid the upcharges and hassles of retail firewood.

Environmental Restoration and Maintenance

Environmental Restoration and MaintenanceThere are some trees you just don’t want to lose. Whether you’re a home owner, home builder, forest preserve or municipality, mature but malnourished trees pose a unique blend of benefits and challenges. You simply can’t replace a 50-year-old tree, much less an entire mature wooded area. When one tree or many trees are dying, the most cost effective, beneficial solution is not to replace the trees – tree restoration is the way to go.

Clean Cut Tree Services conduct environmental restoration plans by identifying the species of vegetation that are robbing mature trees of essential nutrients. We cut away species such as buckthorn, rose bushes, and honeysuckle, then our licensed Department of Agriculture applicator treats the remaining stumps with an herbicide mixture to prevent regrowth of the invasive plants. Clean Cut will devise a maintenance plan for ensuring that your valuable, beautifully mature trees can thrive in the newly restored environment.